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By Andrea Bradford

MetaECHO 2017

Infinite Possibilities Symposium slated Sept. 13-17

On Sept. 13-17, the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center's Project ECHO will convene its biggest-ever global conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The event will bring together more than 600 ECHO partners from across the United States and around the world, as well as government officials, health policy experts and funders.
Since 2003, Project ECHO has brought high-quality specialty care to hundreds of thousands of people in poor, rural and underserved communities. Using videoconferencing technology, Project ECHO teams primary care providers in remote areas with specialists at academic health centers to manage and treat complex chronic conditions - from opioid use disorder to rheumatoid arthritis to HIV - based on best practices.
Nationally and globally, Project ECHO partners are using the model to share their expertise, reducing knowledge gaps and bringing best-practice care to more patients than ever before. ECHO is also being adapted in other fields, including education, community policing, veterinary science and beyond. Learn more about all the innovative ways the ECHO model is being implemented at MetaECHO 2017 during poster sessions, panel discussions and TED like talks.
The MetaECHO conference embraces the infinite possibilities of the global ECHO movement. Registration is currently open. For more information please visit: https://echo.unm.edu/2017-metaecho-conference. For a MetaECHO 2017 promotional video please visit здесь.
Conference Highlights: (see full agenda здесь)
Learn about the global research being done by ECHO partners at the Pre-conference Research Symposium
Meet and network with the entire MetaECHO community including superhubs, hubs, spokes, funders, policy makers and enthusiastic ECHO supporters
Learn what new and innovative ways the ECHO model is being implemented during the Poster Sessions
Gain valuable management skills at the no-cost Pre-conference Leadership Training provided by the GE Foundation
Hear personal stories about the positive impact that being part of the ECHO movement has had during ECHO Talks
Get "hands-on" experience on evaluation, teleECHO clinic communication, facilitation skills, data visualization, and how to engage with governmental officials during the Saturday morning workshops
Featured Speakers: (see full list of speakers здесь)
Senator Bill Cassidy, MD, United States Senator for Louisiana
David M. Barash, MD, Executive Director of the Global Health Portfolio and Chief Medical Officer for the GE Foundation
Jeff Bradach, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, The Bridgespan Group
Сьюзан Дентцер, President and CEO of The Network for Excellence in Health Innovation
Barbara L. McAneny, MD, FASCO, MACP, President and CEO, New Mexico Cancer Center and New Mexico Oncology Hematology Consultants, Ltd, and President-elect of the American Medical Association
Ann Rhoades, President of People Ink
Пол Б. Рот, MD, MS, Chancellor for Health Sciences, CEO, UNM Health System, Dean, School of Medicine
Санджив Arora, MD, FACG, MACP, Director and Founder of Project ECHO
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